GAMMA Innovation

The GAMMA Method

How does GAMMA create a stronger, tougher and more flexible material that holds tension longer and breaks less often? It all starts with our proprietary process, and a stiff co-polymer material. The material is exposed to the GAMMA irradiation process, and the long-chain molecules are broken down and reassembled into millions of entangled and linked bonds. This original patented process increases the number of intermolecular bonds in the string, increasing resiliency and strength and resulting in strings that last longer and perform better.

GAMMA Strings

TNT2 Technology by GAMMA

TNT2 Technology

Who it’s for: Players seeking additional power and comfort

What it does: Our second-generation Thermo Nuclear Technology (TNT2) incorporates dynamic elasticity and resiliency during your stroke. Strings to store energy and return it to the ball on impact. TNT2 maximizes dwell time of the ball on the stringbed, giving you ultimate power and comfort.

Live Wire Technology by GAMMA

Live Wire

Who it’s for: Players seeking additional comfort and touch

What it does: GAMMA Live Wire technology starts with our TNT2 technology, and then changes the molecular structure of the string to increase sensitivity and response. The dynamic resiliency this creates helps string to snap back into place quickly and fluidly for consistent touch and control.

Innovation GAMMA Strings Technology: Glide™ Low Friction Technology

Glide™ Low Friction Technology

Who it’s for: Players seeking more spin and power

What it does: Glide Low Friction Technology hones in on the recovery of the string after hitting the ball. Glide is made of a super elastic, fluorinated polymer that allows the main strings to move easily across the surface of Glide cross strings. This reduces friction, creating a fluid movement enables the strings to quickly snap back into place, generating more spin and power.

Technology - wearGuard


Who it’s for: Players seeking additional durability and control

What it does: While most strings notch in place and cause fraying or breaking, our wear-reducing fibers are engineered to reduce notching when hitting the ball. The trade-off is that durable strings are typically stiff. But GAMMA’s Wearguard technology does not affect the flexibility or power of our strings. The Wearguard fibers are strategically positioned in the outer wrap, preserving the string elasticity.

Polyester Monofilament Technology by GAMMA

Polyester Monofilament

Who it’s for: Players seeking maximum control, excellent spin and durability

What it does: GAMMA’s polyester monofilament increases strength, minimizes tension loss, and maximizes durability and longevity, providing ideal conditions for the player during match play. Power hitters and tournament players are drawn to our technology because of the extreme control this poly string provides.

GAMMA Tennis

With 40+ years of research and an endless love of the game, GAMMA’s tennis products offer the latest in racquet sports technology. Dominate the court with GAMMA Tennis!

GAMMA Pickleball

Using cutting-edge technologies to build next-gen pickleball equipment for players of all skill levels. Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport – join the revolution!