Grow Your Game with GAMMA

May 1, 2018

Picture of Poly Core pickleball padde flowers for the Grow your Game with GAMMA blog.

You know what they say – April Showers bring May flowers – and we’re inviting you to Grow your Game with GAMMA! No matter your skill level, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro, we have the Poly Core pickleball paddle that you’ll need so that your performance not only develops but flourishes.

As a family-owned company with over four decades of experience in the racquet sports industry, we’re dedicated to helping you nurture and grow your pickleball game to its full potential with our latest and greatest products!

Let’s take a look at how our different pickleball paddles will help you cultivate your skills to perform your best each time you step onto the court!

Twister Poly Core Pickleball Paddle
A paddle that’s perfect for beginners.  

Picture of the Twister Poly Core pickleball paddle for the Grow Your Game with GAMMA blog.

If you consider yourself a beginner with room to grow, the Twister is a great starter paddle for your pickleball journey! This is the lightest paddle in our Poly Core pickleball paddle family and its textured face paired with its lightweight feel will help you get a better sense for the sweet spot.

We all have to start somewhere and the Twister paddle would serve as a great introductory paddle that’ll help you create that foundational connection between you and your paddle.

Mirage Poly Core Pickleball Paddle
A great paddle for power players.

Picture of the orange and blue Mirage Poly Core pickleball paddles for the Grow Your Game with GAMMA blog post.

If you feel like you’ve graduated from the beginner skill level and have discovered that you’re a pickleball player who craves power, the Mirage will complement this aspect of your skill set.

This mid-weight pickleball paddle will amplify the power that you’ve developed in your play all the while enhancing your touch on the ball. It’s that yin and yang, the power and the finesse, that’ll help you find balance and elevate your game.

RZR Poly Core Pickleball Paddle
This paddle is meant for players who focus on finesse.

Picture of the pink and green RZR Poly Core pickleball paddles for the Grow Your Game with GAMMA blog post.

We talked about how the Mirage offers a level of finesse for power players, but if you’ve found that your go-to move is a dink and touch shots are your bread and butter, the RZR paddle is your weapon of choice on the court. The RZR is a mid-weight paddle and that little bit of extra weight paired with our Sensa Poly Core technology works in tandem to give you the balance, power, and most importantly the touch you need to enhance your ball bite, improve your play, and deliver perfect shots from the baseline.

Needle Elongated Premium Poly Core Pickleball Paddle
This paddle will help you reach the shots that you once thought were unreachable.

Picture of the Needle Elongated Poly Core pickleball paddle for the Grow your Game with GAMMA blog post.

When you think of an elongated pickleball paddle, you probably think that it’s only a paddle for singles players to reach those shots that they might not have been able to get to with a regular paddle, and to that we say that you’re correct. However, the Needle is just as effective for drop shots in a doubles match, too.

This is a versatile paddle that promotes a level of control that you might not feel in your typical pickleball paddle. Not to mention, that extra length makes all the difference in not only reaching your shots but controlling their placement to put your opponent on pins and needles. We’ve engineered it in a way so that the weight is evenly distributed and the sweet spot is in the middle of the paddle, right where you want it.

The Needle, as we mentioned before, is perfect for players who are ready to take their game to the next level and try something new without sacrificing the balance and most importantly the control of their play.

Growing your game from the ground up with GAMMA is something that we firmly believe in and we know that our pickleball equipment will grow with you so that you Never Stop Playing!

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