Pickleball Grip: Getting a Handle on Your Grip Technique

April 11, 2018

Action shot of two men playing pickleball for a blog about pickleball grip technique.

How difficult can it be to hold a pickleball paddle correctly? Let’s face it, you probably don’t even think about it when you pick up your paddle and start playing. Your pickleball grip could make a big difference in your performance.

Whether it’s a serve, dink, or a backhand shot, a proper grip on your pickleball paddle will give you the confidence and finesse that you need to hit the shot that you want. While there are a variety of techniques that you could use, in today’s blog we’re focusing on one grip in particular: The continental grip. This may be the simplest grip, but it’s one that if used correctly, can yield positive results for your pickleball play.

The best way to get started with this grip is to extend your hand as if you were going to shake hands with someone. Once your hand is in that position, put the paddle handle along the palm of your hand and then grip the handle as you would while holding a hammer.

A good gauge as to whether your hand is in the right position or not is to make sure that your hand is forming a “V” between your thumb and index finger. This “V” shape should be placed at the top of your paddle when it’s perpendicular to the ground.

Here’s a great visual from Pickleball Kitchen using our Mirage Poly Core Pickleball Paddle:

Side-by-side picture from "Pickleball Kitchen" of proper pickleball grip technique.

Now that we have the particulars nailed down for the continental grip, let’s see why this pickleball grip is not only good for beginners but experienced pickleball players alike.

The versatility of this pickleball grip provides players with the stability they need to carry out a wide range of strokes from quick exchanges to lobs and any shot in between without having to adjust their hand on the paddle’s handle during play.

Now, when you pair the continental grip with the right pickleball paddle grip, you’re in business!

Why is a good pickleball grip so important? A grip with high traction will allow you to have a stronger hold on your handle. This will give you more power and control behind your shot. In short, the more tack your grip has, the stronger your stroke can be. Conversely, if your grip has been overused and is beginning to lose its tack, you’ll feel the paddle handle shift in your hand. This can result in a weaker grip and mis-hits – something you definitely want to avoid!

The long and the short is that the mix of a strong continental grip PLUS a tacky GAMMA grip on your paddle makes for a killer combo that’ll help you perform at your best on the courts.

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