Court Equipment

Keep your tennis courts ready for action with everything from nets to water removers, windscreens to valets, and more.

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  • Accuscore Scorebook View Product

    Accuscore Tennis Scorebook

    Our score books have room for team roster, schedule, match information and more.

  • GAMMA Tennis Ballhopper Gi-Rise Gold View Product

    Ballhopper Hi-Rise Gold

    The Ballhopper® Hi-Rise Gold™ 75 is a professional grade ball pick-up designed for maximum durability and everyday use by teaching pros and players.

  • Durable protection for water from weather and vandalism View Product

    Cooler Stand (5 Gallon)

    Comes complete with 5 gallon cooler, wastebasket, cable lock and 4.25 oz. cone cup dispenser.

  • GAMMA Tennis Aluminum Nails View Product

    Court Nails

    Aluminum nails with large heads.

  • GAMMA Tennis Score Keeper Number View Product

    Court Numbers

    Court Numbers feature black print on 7” x 10” durable white styrene cards that boldly mark your courts and are visible from up to 250 feet away.

  •  Tennis court valet with coated aluminum tray View Product

    Court Order

    The Court Order is available with a vinyl coated aluminum tray or a high quality UV-stabilized poly tray.

  • GAMMA Tennis Squeegee View Product

    Deluxe Squeegee

    Reinforced aluminum frame with 36″ rubber blade for quick water removal.

  • GAMMA Tennis Draw Sheets View Product

    Draw Sheet

    Draw Sheets are individual 32 or 64-field tournament planning sheets printed on heavy paper. Each Draw Sheet unfolds to 25 inches by 19 inches.

  • Tennis court replacement roller for all standard handles. View Product

    EZ Dri Plus Roller

    The EZ Dri II™ Plus Replacement Roller fits all standard handles and features the most durable roller material available, lasting years longer than soft foam rollers.

  • Easy water remover with steel handle and frame View Product

    EZ Dri Plus Unit

    The GAMMA EZ Dri™ Plus features an all steel handle and frame, the most durable and rigid in the industry.

  • 54 inch tennis court water removal unit. View Product

    EZ Dri Soft Roller

    The GAMMA EZ Dri™ Soft features an all steel handle and frame, the most durable and rigid in the industry.

  • Tennis Dri Soft unit with steel handle and frame for durability View Product

    EZ Dri Soft Unit

    The GAMMA EZ Dri™ Soft features an all steel handle and frame, the most durable and rigid in the industry.

  • GAMMA Tennis Court Line Marking Tape View Product

    Herringbone Vinyl Line Tape

    Vinyl line marking tape prepunched with textured surface for truer bounce.

  • Net Check View Product

    Net Check Measuring Tape

    The GAMMA Net Check is a tape measure guide used to ensure proper net height at the center strap, net post and singles line.

  • Poly Rope View Product

    Poly Rope

    3-strand twisted black poly-propylene rope for lacing windscreens to fences.

  • Posey Tennis Playboard View Product

    Posey Tennis Playboard

    Ideal for coaches, a great way to diagram plays, drills and positions.

  • View Product

    Premium Score Reporter

    GAMMA’s popular Premium Score Reporter is now available in an all metal construction for added durability.

  • Pro Center Strap View Product

    Pro Center Strap

    It maintains proper net center height.

  • GAMMA Tennis Rain Shuttle View Product

    Rain Shuttle

    The GAMMA Rain Shuttle removes water from tennis courts fast! Constructed almost exclusively of PVC for lightweight operation, the caster wheels glide the Rain Shuttle while the 55-inch rubber blade easily directs water off the court.

  • Standard long hooks for windscreens on fences View Product


    Standard long hooks used to hold windscreens on the fence during installation.


  • Scor-post pro View Product

    Scor-Post Pro

    The Scor-Post® Pro uses tennis balls to score matches with standard scoring allowing for 3 traditional sets or an 8-game pro set. The

  • Score reporter with removable post to prevent damage and theft View Product

    Score Reporter

    The GAMMA Score Reporter is made of durable PVC and easily installs with a removable post to prevent damage or theft.


  • Score Reporter Replacement Cards View Product

    Score Reporter Replacement Cards

    Replacement Cards, for either the Score Reporter or Premium Score Reporter.

  • Singles Sticks for 42-inch tennis net for singles play View Product

    Singles Sticks

    GAMMA Singles Sticks provide proper 42-inch net height for singles play on a doubles court.


  • Black Nylon Raps for Windscreen Fence Attachment View Product


    UV stabilized, black nylon for attaching windscreens to fences. Designed to break before damaging your windscreen or fence.